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About Garden House

Garden House's chefs prepare creative and innovative dishes to create the ultimate collection and delivery experience. Our chefs offer expert knowledge of Chinese, Vietnamese to enhance your delivery experience. While old favourites are popular, our chefs are always trying to improve their techniques, most notably with the Chef’s’Specials. It is our commitment at Garden House to provide excellent food, service and an experience for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

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42 Stroud Green Road
Finsbury Park, N43ES

Favourite Dishes




roast pork, chicken, shrimp



roast pork, chicken and shrimp


fish stick, squid and king prawn

Customer Reviews of Garden House

1,275 reviews


  • The food had hair in it so we couldn't eat much.


  • Really bland, dry and tasteless.Chicken in soup was gristly. Seaweed not crunchy and bland. All in all very poor standard. Would never order here again. Should get refunded


  • Food is excellent but half of my won ton soup was spilt, spring rolls were soggy because of this.


  • I ordered from Garden House tonight for the first time, and regrettably I will not be ordering from them again. I ordered four items for myself, as a weekend treat, and so that I could have leftovers, but I will be throwing the leftovers away! I'll start with the vegetable dumplings. They were priced well and came with 8 pieces, but the actual dumpling was bland and stodgy, they had been cooked incorrectly, and the filling literally had no taste!! Not even salt and pepper! I also tried ho fun noodles with tofu and vegetables, my oh my, again NO SEASONING OR FLAVOUR!! Greasy with no vegetables other than beansprouts. The noodles were cooked in soya sauce but even that has no taste! I then had stir fried tofu in satay sauce. Okay so this was disgusting! The sauce was like water and there was no sign of any nuts! The box was actually full of liquid like a soup, and so even if my tofu was fried, it was a waste as it was sitting in a watery base. I am so disheartened that I have wasted so much money on this meal, and that I purchased dishes that say 'vegetable' and the only ones are beansprouts! I ordered chips as well and these were okay but they were quite cold. Some were far more cooked and browner than the others, so I assume that Garden House are just reheating the chips. I have to say that it is very rare for me to order from a new restaurant above favourites but sometimes it is good to try somewhere new for a change. Tonight I made a mistake in doing so, a very stupid mistake!!


  • Very disappointed have ordered from this place 3 times recently and each time I have requested no onions in my food and each time I receive my food with onions...if you can't meet the special request then please do not accept my order. Also each of the 3 times I received my order the curry sauce containers are busted and all over the packaging...on the third time this had happened I pointed it out to the delivery guy to which he responded "the journey is bumpy " how about you use better containers or even apologise if the condition that my order has arrived in.


  • really bad experience way too much salt could not eat


  • Very rude delivery driver after I gave him a good tip. Food was cold, and the vegetable fried rice I ordered had virtually non existent vegetables in it. It was also extremely bland!


  • No freebies and food is hot and miss: the hot and sour soup is some brown gloop and the chicken in the chicken with lemongrass doesn't feel and taste like chicken...


  • Delicious food, well priced. Fast delivery and lovely delivery driver! Perfect


  • Nice food but told me they were on their way and was 30mins after allocated time.


  • No prawn crackers - two orders running! They should not promise what they cannot deliver


  • No prawn crackers...again!!!


  • worst takeaway i've ever ordered. coconut rice was rice mixed with dried coconut, stir fried tofu with chilli and lemongrass had not a hint of lemongrass in it and very little tofu. The vegetarian spring rolls tasted like nothing I've ever eaten. Horrible. But at least it stopped me from over eating.


  • Tasty, delivered warm, good value and friendly delivery guy.


  • very nice & large portions